One Deck Galaxy characters

Take a journey to the stars in One Deck Galaxy, our sci-fi followup to One Deck Dungeon! Build up a newly starfaring civilization from one homeworld to an epic Federation, all while confronting a challenging Adversary. Its multi-use cards represent both encounters/locations and the technologies, colonies, or research you can acquire from them. You'll have to cleverly plan how to assign your efforts in order to maximize your people's potential.

One Deck Galaxy is a 1-2 player cooperative game, that can be expanded to 4 player co-op if you own two sets. A game takes 45-60 minutes: a little longer when you're learning, and a little shorter once you're a seasoned space veteran...or if you decide to ignore the Adversary entirely.

Our helpful Adversary Codex can inform you of the many reasons not to ignore your Adversaries:

One Deck Galaxy ran on Kickstarter this past Fall, and the BackerKit will be open for pre-orders starting in 2022. You can sign up for the Asmadi Games Mailing List to be notified when it's ready!