If you combine two sets of One Deck Galaxy, you can play a 4-player game! Using our Tabletop Simulator Module, we've mocked up what that looks like at a table:

The four players sit at the edges of the table, in a square formation. Starbases go at two corners of the table, and Adversaries at the other two corners. The position of everything at the table is important!

You're only able to interact with cards that you're adjacent to. So for each corner of the table, the Locations, Encounters, Starbases/Adversaries can only be worked on by two of the four players. You'll have to carefully plan where your dice are going and communicate well in order to succeed!

This summer, we streamed a 4-player game with our friends at Crit Camp Gaming, and you can see the video below! A few of the rules have been tweaked since then, but the core of the 4P experience is there. Enjoy!