A big part of what makes every play of One Deck Galaxy different is the Adversary you choose to face each game. Adversaries have their own rules, and a set of events that're stacked below the Galaxy deck. Every time you need to shuffle, one will come into play. Events are not your friends! They'll help the Adversary in various ways, so plan wisely.

Our Adversary Codex series gives a little peek at the personalities of your Adversaries, and will be updated throughout the Kickstarter campaign. First up is the Hungry Nebula:

The Hungry Nebula's a mysterious space phenomenon that surrounds the region of the galaxy known now as Insula (It's where you're building your Federation!). Every so often, the Nebula will swell, and you'll have to sacrifice precious dice, tokens, and cards from the supply to its expansion. They're gone for the rest of the game, so be careful what you give up! You'll need to defeat the Nebula before it swallows up, well...everything.

Each Adversary comes with a double-sided Adversary Reference describing its rules:

Coming next week...the Neeble-Woober Colony Fleet. Stay tuned for our next Adversary Codex release!